Grant Writing and Management

Humboldt County's Project Trellis accepts grant applications for the Local Equity Program. Each eligible applicant can receive up to $50,000 in direct payment for eligible costs, plus $15,000 in payment to Partner Organizations on your behalf.

If you are eligible, this is an excellent opportunity to get funding for your ongoing annual expenses related to your commercial cannabis farming activities.

While I encourage you to tackle this grant independently, I am happy to help. Please let me know if you want to use my grant writing services. I will compile and submit grant applications and manage grant reporting requirements with your support for 5% of the total award made directly to you (5% of $50,000.00 max). The 5% will be paid $500 upfront and the balance when funds are received. I will compile and submit applications until the end of the current round (September 16th) and the next round (which opens on September 16th; a closing day is not yet established).

Eligibility Requirements: To be considered for Local Equity Program eligibility, individuals need to meet all the following initial qualifications:

1. The applicant’s household is at or below the moderate-income level based on the
current year. Income levels attached.
2. The applicant is a Humboldt County resident.
3. The applicant is a shareholder or has at least 20% ownership interest in a cannabis
business, such as cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, retail, testing, laboratory, or micro-business.

After meeting the initial qualifications, individuals must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

1. The applicant has obtained or applied for cannabis cultivation, distribution,
manufacturing, retail, or another cannabis-related permit (either interim or permanent). The permit is for a business located in a community defined by Humboldt County as having a poverty rate of 17% or above.

2. The applicant has engaged in or currently engages in small-scale cultivation of cannabis on property in Humboldt County owned, leased, or with the express permission of the owner, with a cultivation area of 10,000 square feet or less.

3. The applicant is a woman, person of color, or LGBTQ individual who has worked or works in the cannabis industry.

4. The applicant has obtained or applied for a cannabis permit, has worked in, or currently works in the cannabis industry in Humboldt County, and was arrested and/or convicted of a non-violent cannabis-related offense or was subject to asset forfeiture arising from a cannabis-related event.

5.  The applicant experienced sexual assault, exploitation, domestic violence, and/or human trafficking due to participating in the cannabis industry.

6.  The applicant was or is homeless or suffered a loss of housing as a result of marijuana enforcement.

Allowable Expenses:

1. Grant Payments to Recipients

The LEP allows for the funding, through grants, for a maximum of up to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) per equity recipient on eligible service items, in aggregate over all LEP grant rounds. Service items eligible for grant funding may include:

1.1. Annual fees and contribution toward work for a Humboldt County Road Maintenance Association (RMA) for public and private road networks providing access to cannabis activity operations by eligible cannabis equity program applicants or licensees, where
such road networks may adversely impact watersheds providing habitat for threatened or endangered species.

1.2. Legal assistance for forming an Agricultural Cooperative or Cannabis Cooperative Association according to California Business and Professions Code sections 26220 - 26231.2, with majority membership comprised of Humboldt County cannabis permit
applicants or licensees.

1.3.  Processing of cannabis products through a licensed cannabis processor

1.4. Transportation of cannabis products through a licensed cannabis distributor

1.5. Local and state cannabis taxes

1.6. Capital improvements for; purposes of assuring compliance with regulatory
requirements of County or California licenses

1.7. Work to meet California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Lake & Streambed Alteration Agreement (LSAA) compliance

1.8. Application and program fees for cannabis business certifications

1.9. Fees to agencies and/or professionals who offer cannabis small business development assistance for Humboldt County-based cannabis businesses.

1.10. State cannabis licensing costs

1.11. Rent for facilities associated with the cannabis business

1.12. Cannabis business startup costs or financial solvency needs

2. Grant Payments to Partnership Organizations on Behalf of Recipients

The LEP will fund, through direct payment to partnership organizations on behalf of the
equity recipient, of up to fifteen-thousand dollars ($15,000) per recipient, in aggregate over all grant rounds. These funds will be available to any LEP recipient for the length of the grant agreement. Organizations eligible to receive direct payments on behalf of the equity recipients include;

2.1. County of Humboldt Cannabis Services Division of the Department of Planning and
Building: Direct payment on the LEP recipient’s behalf of fees for application assistance meetings, deposits, and permitting fees for cannabis related permits including: Zoning Clearance Certificates, Special Permits, Conditional Use Permits, or Coastal
Development Permits.

2.2. Coast Central Credit Union: Direct payment on the LEP recipient’s behalf for one year of Cannabis Business Account fees through Coast Central Credit Union

2.3. County of Humboldt Agricultural Commissioner: Direct payment on the LEP recipient’s behalf for Weights and Measures requirements, including sealing and annual registration of scales used in cannabis licensed businesses, or fees associate with Pesticide Applicator requirements.

2.4. College of the Redwoods: Payment on the LEP recipient’s behalf for cannabis business classes, including but not limited to Accounting, Bookkeeping, Marketing, Grant Writing, Human Resource, Business Planning, etc.

2.5. Cal Poly Humboldt: College of Extended Educational and Global Engagement: Payment on the LEP recipient’s behalf for Cal/OSHA cannabis health and safety training

3. Additional Services

3.1. Expungement services: The LEP offers equity recipients expungement services for cannabis-related convictions as aligns with California state expungement requirements. Humboldt County Economic Development staff will assist recipients seeking information about expungement services and direct them to the District Attorney’s Office for expedited review.