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Compliant Farms Certification Process

CF offers an integrated and holistic approach to the cannabis compliance process by supporting dedicated farmers in the pursuit of operational and environmental standards that

are “Beyond Compliant.”


If you want to go above and beyond to benefit both your watershed and your farm, the CF team is here to help. We work with you on assessing your farm’s compliance needs and land management practices, then develop a farm specific plan based on your goals and your watershed.


When your farm meets our high standards, your farm receives the Compliant Farms Certification (CFC) to proudly display in your branding as proof of quality and sustainability. Farms that truly go the extra mile can earn the Beyond Compliant Certification (BCC).

How to Get Certified


Clients who meet agency requirements for an environmentally compliant cannabis farm will be acknowledged with the Compliant Farms Certification (CFC).  On an annual basis, CF will assess compliance status to ensure continued compliance.

  • County Interim Permit
  • CDFA Cultivation License
  • State Water Resources Cannabis General Order
  • State Division of Water Rights Registration (if applicable)
  • CDFW Agreement (if applicable)



CF certified farms will have annual site assessments and monitoring by a CFC certifier.


Being acknowledged as a Compliant Farms Certified cannabis farm includes:

  • Letter of acknowledgement
  • CFC sign for your farm with annual compliance verification stickers.
  • Use of the CFC logo on your farm website and product labels
  • Use of the CFC logo on your farm website and product labels

Farms that are certified CFC or new clients that meet the requirements of a CFC Farm are eligible for the Beyond Compliant Certification (BCC) program.  This certification acknowledges farms that have gone above and beyond the baseline requirements for a compliant, licensed farm and have achieved a minimum of 85% on the BCC scoring matrix.  BCC certified farms will have annual site assessments and monitoring by a BCC certifier.


Being acknowledged as a Beyond Compliant Certified cannabis farm includes:

  • Letter of acknowledgement
  • BCC sign for your farm with annual BCC verification sticker.
  • Use of the BCC logo on your farm website and product labels
  • Acknowledgement as a BCC farm on the CF website and social media platforms
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Planning & Design

Water, land, and resource use planning and farm design with a holistic perspective of watersheds. The Compliant Farms team develops and monitors the implementation of plans that help farmers to take advantage of a property’s assets to improve soil fertility, water efficiency, and watershed health, while moving their farms beyond baseline compliance. Covering topics such as cultivation site suitability, integrated pest management, soil fertility, water security, rainwater catchment, regenerative farming techniques, our team specializes in taking your cannabis farm beyond compliance into excellence.


The Compliant Farms team is available for consultation on the ecological aspects of your cannabis farm and associated land so you can make the most of your resources responsibly. Popular consultation topics include: water system design and compliance, holistic land management, soil fertility improvement, integrated pest management, watershed management, land use design, rainwater catchment systems, regenerative farming techniques, natural resources management, and cannabis farm compliance.


We work with farmers to assess compliance with environmental regulations, implement plans for meeting compliance standards, and monitor progress toward achievement of a farming system that have positive, cumulative effects on the overall watershed. We specialize in compliance with the Water Board’s water quality programs, County environmental compliance, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife compliance., We take farmers beyond the mandated standards so their farms can continue to thrive for years to come.

Site Assessment

When the Compliant Farms team goes to a farm for a primary site assessment, we thoroughly inspect the parcel’s developed,cultivated, and adjacent wild land areas. It is our goal to empower our clients to understand how their activities can be integrated into a watershed-wide perspective. After the assessment is complete, we provide clients with a summary and a list of action items highlighting best management actions to be taken as soon as possible to reduce negative environmental impacts. We also collect information for water rights permitting, assess the need for California Fish and Wildlife permits and begin the development of a long-term vision.


We want all farmers to benefit from the knowledge of regenerative farming practices and other techniques that save water, improve soil, and keep plants thriving. The Compliant Farms team offers workshops and livecast videos with DIY tips and advice for farmers on a wide variety of topics, including Last Minute Farm Winterization and Reducing Runoff. Find more resources here.


We love to share our knowledge. Principals Hollie Hall, PhD and Dan Mar, CPD are accepting invitations for speaking opportunities with sufficient advance notice. Learn more about who they are and how to get in touch.